Who We Are

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Targeted Impressions is a consultancy focused on providing digital marketing & video production services to local businesses, brands and organizations. Currently based out of Miami, Florida’s Brickell neighborhood, Targeted Impressions develops a unique content strategy for each client that transcends traditional online marketing methods.

It all started…

…with a targeted impression, a family walking through Manhattan clutching a Macy’s shopping bag. Whether they knew it or not, those happy customers were positively enforcing Macy’s brand and generating targeted impressions for more Macy’s customers. In this case, the content is as simple as packaging and the brand’s organic visibility is at the top of Google; Midtown Manhattan.

Metaphor’s aside, Targeted Impressions’ use of leveraging traditional and proprietary SEO methods, social media, branding and video content garners the attention of online users that are your target audience or customer base.  Insert your brand and content where people are already searching or spending their time with genuine attention.

Founder and CEO James Gibbons has over seven years of digital marketing expertise across a number of Fortune 500 clients and global brands with operational experience developing SEO campaigns to provide targeted visibility in Google without paying for each click.

Jeffrey Gibbons is Targeted Impressions’ lead Producer and Editor and has a breadth of expertise shooting and editing video content for a number of clients across the luxury and travel sectors.